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We help Business Owners exit their companies

We buy established businesses from owners looking to exit.
We help business owners exit easily and achieve their key objectives.

Types Of Companies We Help (Rough Info): 

  • Companies with $0.5 million to $10+ million in revenue; open to larger deals.
  • Established companies that have been in business for over 5 years.
  • Open to a broad array of locations in the United States.
  • Industry focus includes services, training/education, information, advisory and other knowledge-based and service-based related industries.
  • Example industries include but are not limited to: HR/Staffing, Training & Education, Content & Publishing, Information, Marketing, Advisory, Insurance, and more.
  • Will consider other industries as well.
  • Please reach out to discuss any opportunity - happy to discuss further.

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Jennifer Lee - Background

Integral Capital was founded by Jennifer Lee. Jennifer has been in the business world for over 25 years. After helping large corporations achieve success for many years, she now focuses on helping small- to medium-sized business owners succeed.

Jennifer helps business owners exit their companies easily by buying their established businesses – and helping them achieve their key objectives.

She is creative, open-minded and nimble, and has a broad team as well – so she can provide custom solutions for any scenario and create “win/win” outcomes. Jennifer and her team bring a broad array of experiences, knowledge and contacts that can be leveraged to create these solutions.

Jennifer’s goal is to make an integral difference in the lives of business owners – so together, we can have an exponential impact.

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