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Jennifer Lee

My mission is to help entrepreneurs sell their businesses easily so they can move on to their next endeavors.

Making A Difference


My mission is to help entrepreneurs easily and quickly monetize their efforts so they can move on to their next endeavors.

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of the business owners I work with, and in the overall ecosystem of the businesses I touch.

I am a concious dealmaker serving conscious business owners, investors and entrepreneurs. My mission is to create an exponential impact.

Jennifer Lee - Background

Jennifer Lee has been in the business world for over two decades. She has helped many businesses grow significantly and achieve notable success.

She has a passion for working collaboratively with business owners and wants to help them succeed. She strives to create a win/win outcome in every scenario.

She brings a broad spectrum of experiences, knowledge and contacts that can be leveraged in any given situation.

Lee is a recovering athlete (she has many injuries to confirm it!) and now enjoys walks outside in the sunshine, jogging and the occasional spin class.