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Jennifer Lee, LLC

My mission is to help conscious business owners successfully
sell their businesses so they can move on to the next phase in their life.

Integral Acquisitions & Making A Difference

My mission is to help clients create wealth from their business exits so they can make a difference with their efforts, in an integral way, and ultimately fulfill a purpose beyond profit. I embrace the spirit of conscious capitalism and integral philosophy. Conscious businesses, and integral acquisitions, focus on the entire business ecosystem and interconnected relationships. They create and optimize value for all of the stakeholders – including buyers/sellers, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and other key participants in the ecosystem. They serve all of these interconnected relationships in an integral way, which includes a healthy return to shareholders – and a purpose beyond profit.

I am a concious dealmaker serving conscious business owners, investors and entrepreneurs. My mission is to create an exponential impact.

Jennifer Lee - Background

Jennifer Lee, LLC was founded by Jennifer Lee who is an expert in business transformations. Over the last 20+ years, she has helped businesses grow, turnound and ultimately be sold in order to maximize their potential.

She has a passion for working collaboratively with business owners and wants to help them succeed. She strives to create a win/win outcome in every scenario.

She has worked for public and private companies, and has been an M&A advisor and an investor. She brings a broad spectrum of experiences, knowledge and contacts that can be leveraged in any given situation and great shareholder value.

Lee is a recovering athlete (she has many injuries to confirm it!) and now enjoys walks outside in the sunshine, jogging and the occasional spin class. She holds an MBA degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineerering.